"Surreal Sunset II" - photograph of boneyard tree with incoming tide at sunset
“Surreal Sunset II – Limited Edition”

The sculptural tree relics of the boneyard contrast starkly against the life-giving blues of the sky, and still this place of turbulence is much more than a ghostly apparition. A diverse wildlife population flourishes nearby, including endangered species such as Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Wilson’s Plovers, and Least Terns. After spotting one of the rare Painted Buntings that inhabit this coastal area, I am reminded once again that life goes on.  (DeTomi, 2011)

This Portfolio of my work is a labor of love. I’ve been fortunate to witness and capture the incredible landscapes and living things surrounded in natural beauty present in these photographs. This represents only a small collection of my total body of work, and I’ll be adding to it over time. It was difficult selecting the photographs—I chose the ones here because they are representative of my style and artistic vision.

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