High Style

Intriguing Pair

This pair went to a science fiction writer with an affinity for the macabre. The titles, “Uprooted” and “Etched in Sand”, lend to their intrigue…or perhaps it was the way I was feeling as I worked on them.

I framed them in solid wood hand-stained black frames with the natural grain of the wood showing through–this detail accented the lines and texture in the photographs.

Etched Series framed in solid black with detailing
Left to right, “Uprooted” and “Etched in Sand”


Blissful Bedroom

This series of abstract coastal photographs ushers you into a soft and peaceful earth-toned bedroom, part of a stunning open and airy home overlooking a marsh. I’m proud to be sharing the walls of this high style interior design with an artist/painter whose work was recently displayed in an HGTV home.

I framed them in solid wood white stained frames to accent the soft coastal colors.

Abstract series of coastal photographs
   Left to right, “Layers Reinvented”, “Layers”, “Sea Meets Sky Again”

Coastal abstracts usher you into earth-toned bedroom
   Coastal abstracts at the entry way usher you into the bedroom.